This video demonstrates how to create a “tiny url” using


I’ve written about this topic before. The folks over Cengage Learning have some excellent tips on this topic, too.

At some point, most of us will give a presentation to an audience. In her book New Perspectives: Portfolio Projects for Soft Skills, Beverly Amer offers a four-step approach to creating and delivering an effective presentation. Whether you are in charge of providing first-timers with needed advice, or your own skills need some polishing, these simple steps will help alleviate anxiety and ensure a smooth performance…

Via Cengage Learning. Full article here.

Finding a decent text editor for iOS  (i.e. iPad) is not an easy task. However, the folks over have made it simple. Simply follow the link below.

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I’ve written about Zotero before. In my opinion, it is the best free reference management tool out there. However, this post is not about Zotero  – it is about the reference management tool found in MS Word (2007-2010).

Microsoft Word also provides a way for managing references. I should emphasize that it does not have the level of sophistication found in Zotero. Nevertheless, it can be a valuable tool if the goal is to save time while managing your references. What prevents this tool from becoming a Zotero “killer” is the lack of browser integration. For example, with Zotero, sources can be added to a remote library with a single click. Unfortunately, this is currently not possible with MS Word.

You can learn how the MS Word feature works by clicking here or here.

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  • What if APA 6th editionisnotavailable in Office 2007 or 2010?
    • This means that your computer is lacking Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 1
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Recently I noticed that one of my folders failed to sync between my computer and the Dropbox server. Visiting the Dropbox help center, I learned that the folder had a character that was incompatible with Windows. In my case it was a period “.” following the folder’s name.

For a list incompatible characters click here.

Tyler Krupa, a contributor to the APA Style Blog, addresses some common mistakes when using “all or none”.

This week, we address a common grammar error for writers: verb agreement with the pronouns all or none. Note that these pronouns can be singular or plural…

Via APA Style Blog – Full article here.

I recently had to format a reference list in APA Style that included a particular source with 12 authors. APA 6th edition has a special of way of dealing with this issue. See below how it is done.

The 6th edition of the Publication Manual recognizes this with the new rule regarding citing sources with more than seven authors in the reference list (section 6.27). The first six authors are listed; all subsequent authors except the last are omitted and replaced with an ellipsis; and then the name of the last author is listed.

Via APA Style Blog –  Full article here.

I often get questions from students about resume development. The article featured in this post addresses important issues in resume development.

When was the last time you thought about your resume in a context other than needing to get it updated or submitted? The honest answer is probably “never,” which is why it’s such a good idea to ponder this question: What IS my resume?

Via Lifehacker. Full article here.

The folks over Lifehacker have recently posted a good article on how to prepare for a presentation.

First, write the speech. Every presentation needs to tell a story to get across the point, and this will help you solidify your presentation’s narrative. 

Via Lifehacker – Full article here.

Zotero is my preferred application for managing my references. Mark Dingemanse (The Ideophone) wrote a nice piece on his blog where he provides very useful tips on how to use Zotero. I specially liked 1 and 4. Do you use Zotero? Do you have some other tips? If so, please share them by posting a comment to this post.

Via The Ideophon- Full article here.