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The folks behind Zotero are yet to release a native app for mobile applications. Until then, you can get around using third party apps designed to give you access to your sources on the go.

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Zotero Reader (visit site)

You can use Zotero Reader to view your Zotero library and attachments in Android, iPad and desktop browsers. The interface is a little confusing and you might take some to get around it.

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BibUp (visit site)

BibUp allows you to create bibliographic references by scanning books barcodes and extracts of text. The references, including the OCRed text, can be viewed on a web page and collected using the Zotero plugin for Firefox.

Click icon below to see it in action:

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PaperShip – Your best option (visit site)

This is by far the easiest and best option for iOS users. PaperShip is an iPad & iPhone application designed to give you access to your Mendeley / Zotero library on-the-go. You will enjoy to annotate your PDFs with highlights, notes, free text, drawings and much more!

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ZotPad (visit site)

The purpose of ZotPad is to allow accessing Zotero libraries from mobile devices. The software provides read and write access to Zotero files stored on the Zotero server, WebDAV server, or Dropbox. ZotPad contains a basic file reader that can be used to open the most common file types and can send attachment files by email. Annotation workflow can be easily set up with third-party PDF annotating software.

Click the icon below to see it in action

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Zandy (visit site)

Zandy is an Android application for working with a Zotero library on your Android device (for now, it needs to be running Android 2.2 or later)


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