Citing unpublished material

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Many students are unaware they can cite studies that are in preparation or submitted for publication. The folks from the awesome APA Style blog[zotpressInText item=”{5TXANH68}”] walk us through the process.

Imagine you are writing a paper on a cutting-edge topic. A friend in the field passes along a manuscript on which she is working that is relevant to your work. Your advisor, on reading your draft, hands you his own manuscript, which takes a different approach to the material. He informs you that yesterday he submitted this very manuscript to a journal for publication. Then, on your favorite journal’s website, you stumble across a bunch of articles that will be published in a future issue but have yet to appear in print, all of which you would like to cite in your article. None of these sources have been published in physical books or journals, complete with page numbers, at least not yet; how do you create references for them?

[zotpressInTextBib style=”Vancouver” sort=”ASC”]

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