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Explain Everything is an excellent app for recording lectures and presentations. This tutorial will provide a quick overview for importing, presenting, recording, and saving a lecture via Explain Everything.

This is an issue with some Android phones. What follows is a solution for this problem. In my case, the app ‘Dupe” was the culprit.

If you’ve encountered the “Screen overlay detected” error on your Android smartphone, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

Source: How to fix “Screen overlay detected” error – AndroidPIT


If you use Google Calendar but also use Outlook for calendar items as well as email and contacts, you might be looking for a way to keep the two calendars in sync. Look no further. We will show you how to do this using a free tool.

Source: How to Sync Your Google Calendar with Outlook


Have you ever wonder how to play sound in the background during a slideshow with MS PowerPoint? Click on the link below to learn how it is done.

Source: Play music for the duration of your slide show


The Text-to-speech (TTS) feature of MS Office 2013 is a great feature. I am especially pleased with the quality of the voice.

Essentially, it gives your computer the ability to playback written text as spoken words. “Depending upon your configuration and installed TTS engines, you can hear most text that appears on your screen in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote.” (Office Support).

I took the time to record a chunk of text from one of my PowerPoint slides. Check it out by playing the audio file below:


Source: Using the Speak text-to-speech feature


Iso image files are very popular nowadays. My friends often ask me how to burn iso files to a CD/DVD. Follow the tutorials below to learn how it is done.

Not using Mac? No problem! Click here to learn how to burn an iso image file using Windows 7 or 8.

[iconheading type=”h1″ style=”fa fa-video-camera” color=”#1c1c1c”]Video Tutorial[/iconheading]

[iconheading type=”h1″ style=”fa fa-align-left”]Written Tutorial[/iconheading]

Follow the simple steps below to burn an iso file in Mac OS X.

  1. Insert a blank disc.
  2. Start Disk Utility.
  3. From the File menu, choose Open Disk Image and select the ISO to be burned.
  4. In the list of volumes, you will now see an item representing the ISO file.
  5. Select it.
  6. Click the Burn button and follow the instructions.

Source: How to burn ISO disc images – Mac OS X Hints

An ISO file is an image of a CD/DVD. You don’t need to download any special application to burn iso files to a CD/DVD. Windows 7 or 8 is equipped to burn iso files. The video in this post shows how it is done in Windows 7, but the steps are similar in Windows 8. Soon, I will post a tutorial that explains how to create iso files using DVDStyler. Stay tuned!

Not using Windows? Try my other post that explains how to burn iso image files in a Mac.


Very often, we need to convert, merge, split, etc. PDF files. How many times have you tried to convert a PDF file into a PPT (PowerPoint) file on the fly and got stuck?

The smallpdf website is here to help. See below how the smallpdf site can help you.

Unnamed image (1)

via – A Free Solution to all your PDF Problems.


Diigo, the alternative to Delicious bookmarking system, has just released a new feature called Diigo Outliner. First you need to install the Diigo browser extension. I have only tested the version for Chrome.

Perhaps, the best way to explain it is by using an example. Say you are preparing a lecture and need to collect, organize and share supplementary information from the web with your students. Diigo Outliner helps you through the process. Once you visit a relevant site or video (or anything else) you want to share with your students, simply click the Diigo button and save the content to an “outliner” (see figure below).

[alert type=”success”] Learn more about Diigo Outliner here [/alert]

Below is how it will look like. Then, simply grab the link Diigo provides and share it with your students. That’s all!

via Appchangelog.

Have you ever wanted to mirror your iPhone or iPad on your computer? There are many reasons one would want to do it. For a complete list of ideas, visit the AirServer website. Unfortunately, Apple does not provide a built-in solution… yet. Until then, we have to rely on third party apps. So, say hello to AirServer; arguably the most elegant and least expensive solution out there. See below what the developers are saying about AirServer.


[alert type=”success”]There are times when you need to show content to your class to engage your audience, using an iPad. With AirServer you can wirelessly beam your iPad display to your Mac or PC and from there to your projector, smartboard or HDTV. AirServer also supports multiple simultaneous connections, so one or more students could mirror their iPads to share their ideas and their work with the rest of the class. You can monitor what your students are working on and encourage collaboration. [/alert]

Watch below as I demonstrate how to use the website Quizlet (Flashcards tool). The demo was done using AirServer.

via Education ‹ AirServer.