The video below shows how to change tables in SPSS to comply with the APA Style.

The video in this post was developed by How2Stats and is very informative in demonstrating how to test the difference between two percentages in SPSS. Watch Video

Often times we need to calculate age from birthdate. Follow the link below to learn how this can be done in SPSS.

Creating a correlation matrix by hand is time consuming and not worth the effort, especially if the analysis was done with SPSS.

You don’t need to have access to MS Excel, SPSS or other expensive piece of software to create charts/diagrams. Online Chart Tool is free and very user friendly.

Calculating percentiles for a data set by hand is tedious, if not impossible often times. In the video below, I demonstrate three methods for calculating percentile scores for a data set using SPSS.

To calculate age in terms of years, months, and days, DATEDIF is a handy function. 


… where “birthday” is the cell containing the DOB and “date” is the current date. Ensure to preserve the order of the elements depicted inside the parenthesis.

UPDATE: You can also use SPSS to compute age from birthdate. Click here to learn how this is done.